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This is a great question and many might not really know what being pierced entails! When people hear the word “piercing” they tend to associate it with “weird jewelry on all kinds of places on weirder people” but they seem to have forgotten that piercing have been around for many, many years and then usually in the simplest form as an earlobe piercing! Piercings have also been traditional among many tribes, especially South America, for the longest of times.

People getting a piercing do it for various reasons and at Hell’s Piercing we never really question these reasons because we feel everybody should be able to do with their bodies as they please, just like with tattoos!

Anyway, the simple answer to “what is body piercing” is : it’s when your body is pierced with a needle to make place for a piece of jewelry of your choice!

Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of your practitioner’s hygiene before, during and after procedure!!!

We at Hell’s Piercing take this very seriously and have turned away people that lack in this department. We double-sterilize ALL of our equipment, work surfaces and jewelry and NEVER touch ANYTHING besides sterilized products and our client once “gloved up”! Please respect that this process will take a little bit longer to set up but we rather do that than having you come back with an infection.