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Let’s start by saying that not all people can get a tongue piercing. Below are SOME reasons why you probably can’t get one done (source: tatring.com)

  1. People who have a very short tongue. This includes you if you are unable to stick out your tongue or stick it out very far.
  2. People who have a lot of webbing that stretches far up the tongue. This webbing should NEVER be cut because cutting can cause extreme swelling, suffocation, and bleeding. It is not legal for anyone but a medical surgeon in a hospital to cut a tongue to increase its length.
  3. People who have a vein in the wrong place. Some people have a vein directly down the center of their tongue. Even so, you may be able to get a piercing if the piercer can put it at a slight slant or offset it so it doesn’t touch your artery. You may not be able to get venoms (a piercing on either side) if your veins are running down the sides of the tongue. Your piercer can assess whether this will be an issue.
  4. People with certain health conditions. If you suffer from any form of paralysis, nerve issues, or any health conditions, you should alert your piercer.

Avoid dairy after getting a tongue piercing is also something we strongly recommend! Pain level is usually low with this one 🙂

We will use 16g or 14g cannula needle and a titanium barbell for this.