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This type of body piercing goes through the small thin tissue that connects your upper lip to the middle of your gums. It also come with some “risks” (source: webpiercing.com):

For example, when wearing a CBR the ball has the potential to rub against your gums and teeth. This, over time, irritates your gums and can cause gum recession. This is a very serious condition and if you notice it you should seriously consider removing the piercing!!!

Tooth enamel wear is caused by the jewelry rubbing over your teeth. This is another serious risk to be considered. If you notice that your piercing begins to migrate, watch how that changes the position of the CBR. If it begins to rub against your teeth you can considering getting a curved barbell or just removing it. These risks are why this type of piercing is normally not worn for long periods of time.

We will use a 16g cannula needle and a 1.2mm horseshoe for this, preferably.

and…AVOID DAIRY while healing!


p.s. the potpurri stars are not included in this procedure 🙂